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Understanding, Advocacy and Results
Rob welcomes the opportunity to serve his clients, especially those involved in the challenges and emotional turmoil associated with divorce. Custody, child support, alimony, divorce, paternity and related matrimonial issues can be overwhelming. Rob enjoys a reputation for appreciating the complex issues with a compassionate understanding while still maintaining his zealous advocacy for his clients. He empathizes with his clients yet realistically projects specific goals for them and then achieves results, whether through mediation, settlement or trial.
Service, Insight and Experience
In serving on several boards, including the Atlanta Foundation For Psychoanalysis and in over 31 years of experience in representing and advocating for distressed and apprehensive individuals, Rob has gained insight into the special needs of his clients. In teaching and moderating continuing legal education forums along with his over 20 years of law school teaching, he stays on the cutting edge of the profession and inspires his colleagues to service. Rob's peers attest to his high standards of quality and his continued efforts to better the profession and serve his clients more appropriately. He engages each client in a friendly and kind understanding manner to work together to obtain a realistic yet fair resolution.

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Robert G. Wellon
Attorney and Counselor at Law
2300 Centennial Tower
101 Marietta Street
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What People Are Saying
Robert G. “Rob” Wellon – A Role Model for the Profession
By Judge T. Jackson Bedford, Jr.
Fulton County Superior Court
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